PALETTE KAWARAMACHI Shopping Street Promote Association

3F Kyoto royal hotel & spa,426,Ebisu-cho,Sanjo-Agaru, Kawaramachi Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8005
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It is slightly pretty malls from Sanjodori-steet to Oikedori-street on Kawaramachidori-Street of Kyoto.

Various stores and facilities are lined up on the street.
food, decoration, beauty, hoby, living, culture, etc.

It is just like a palette.
Short tale around Palette (Palette ko-neta)
Takase-gawa (story of EDO piriod)

Takase-gawa is flowing through the close of the palette street.
During the Edo period, many stores were lined up on the liver side.
There are some restaurant,offer fish dishes.
Some Fishies escaped to the river from the restaurant.
Their descendants are still inhabiting in the river.. maybe..
Asahikaikan-Wall paint (story of 30s-70s)

The mid 30's,Outer wall of the asahi-kaikan was covered in pictures,people saw it. There were an amazing incident.
First,the wall picture were painted by three artist.
20 years later,the picture were re-painted by Seiji Togo, it was named from him called "peace and unity"
This event has become the etymology of the name of our Association.

Shortcut to honnouji-temple (Today)

Honnoji-temple is famous as the location where warlords Nobunaga was killed,it called "honnouji-no-hen".
Located at different position from the current temple, when he was dead.
Now,his tomb is here, many people have visit and worship.
The south side of the store that named angel, there is a shortcut to honhouji-temple on palette street.
Then,In front of you, big Ginkgo tree will appear.
It had defended people from the Great Fire at edo piriod,so it called "hibuse-no-icho"
Area map around Palette
Nearest Station from Palete-Kawaramachi Street
Subway Tozai Line "Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae"
Uzumasa-tenjingawa < > Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae < > Rokujizo
bound for Karasuma Line at karasuma-oike station.
TEL +81-75-213-1364
Keihan Line "Sanjo"
Yodoyabashi,Fushimimomoyama < > Sanjo < > Demachiyanagi
TEL +81-75-561-0033
Hankyu Line "Kawaramachi"
Umeda,Juso < > Kawaramachi

Bus Stop "Kawaramachi Sanjo"
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Historic spot (Last years of Edo piriod)
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Historic spot
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